Mario & Carina Ordas

Mario & Carina Ordas Property Sale Case Study 

WATCH FIRST: Case Study Trailer (2 Min. 49 Sec.) 

Full Case Study Video That Includes All Q&A Modules (28Min. 22 Sec.)

Question & Answer Modules 

1) What was life like before we worked together?


2) How did you find the Stendall Team? 


3) How many Real Estate Agents did you interview? 


4) What can someone expect from the first meeting with us? 

5) What was it like working with us? 


6) What were your thoughts on the showings we had? 


7) How were potential buyers pre-qualified? 


8) What results did we get? 


9) What back up offers did we have? 


10) What was the negotiation process like with the buyers to net you the most money from your home? 

11) What are your expectations for the future? 


12) What can someone expect from their first meeting with us? 


13) Was The Stendall Team's Physical location a challenge for the sale of the property? 


14) Do Open Houses make sense? 


15) What separates the Stendall Team from the rest? 


Areas We Cover