Dr. Merle Robboy

Dr. Merle Robboy
Property Case Study 

WATCH FIRST: Case Study Trailer (3 Min. 37 Sec.)   

Full Case Study Video (11 Min. 13 Sec. includes modules shown below) 

Question & Answer Modules For Selling  

1) What was your home selling experience like before us?

2) How did you find the Stendall Team? 

3)What can someone expect from their first meeting with us? 

4) How many Real Estate Agents did you interview?

5) Why did you choose to hire the Stendall Team?

6) What was it like working with Ray?

7) What was the result of working with the Stendall Team?

8) How many families saw the home?

9) How were buyers qualified to buy the property?

10) How was the buyer found?

11) What was the process like to negotiate with the buyers?

12) Was our physical location not being in Fallbrook an issue? 

13) Where did you want to move and why?

14) What separates the Stendall Team from others? 

Question & Answer Modules on Buying 

1) Overview and Context 

2) What was the process like to find a new home?

3) What happened when you got into contract?

4) What led you to contact Christina vs your current agent?

5) What did Christina help you with?

6) Was Christina part of the transaction in any way?

7) What advice would you give to those selling their home?

8) Why did you pick the Stendall Team?

Marketing Examples

Sales Video For Property  

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