9A) How Long Should It Take To Sell Your Home

How Long Should It Take To Sell Your Home?

No Cost Home Assessment and Selling Time Analysis

According to statistics based on the National average of homes sold, about 40% of homes, according to national average statistics, sell within the 1st month of being on the market. However, houses that fail to sell in the 1st month will frequently stay on the market for many additional months and typically don't sell until a substantial price adjustment has been made. There are numerous factors which affect the period it will take to sell your home. The overall condition of your house, the location, market conditions, and the listing price are commonly the most significant factors in determining the amount of time it will take to sell your home. By scouring the database of all houses listed or sold in your area, we will conduct a comprehensive comparative market analysis. With this up to date market data, we will be able to conclude what your house will likely sell for and the amount of time it will likely take to sell if you choose to put it on the market. This valuable service is available to you at no cost or obligation. To receive a NO COST Home Evaluation and Selling Time Analysis, contact us HERE.

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